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Kyiv Mayor Klitschko congratulates Ukrainians on Independence Day StopCor

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko congratulated the Ukrainian people on Independence Day. He stated that the Ukrainian people have always defended their dignity and freedom.

Photo: Kyiv City State Administration

Video with greetings he posted on his Facebook page.

“Friends! Independence and will are won in the struggle. At the cost of the unity and effort of many people. At the cost of losses and victories. The Ukrainian people have always defended their dignity and their freedom. Fought and won! And today we are defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state. Our best patriots are dying. We bow before the heroes-defenders. And we remember everyone’s feat «, Klitschko emphasized.

In his opinion, Ukrainians are changing Ukraine and making it a successful European state.

«Everyone has their own business — in their city, town, village. Happy Independence Day to you! Believe in yourself! Believe in Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!» Klitschko addressed the Ukrainians.

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