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Kolomoisky wants to produce shells with the Americans, who have already «thrown» Ukraine for $ 8 million — Ukrainian news

The company «Rokot-M», the beneficiaries of which are Igor Kolomoisky, Gennady Bogolyubov and their entourage, founded jointly with the American Gray Fox, which in 2018-2019. disrupted the supply of a projectile production line to the state defense plant and did not return the $ 8.3 million prepayment.

In March 2018, the state-owned Artem plant signed a $ 16.6 million contract with American Gray Fox Logistics (there is no such legal entity, this is a fictitious name used by Gray Fox Aviation and Logistics, Inc.), the material says. Bihus.Info.

In May 2018, Artem paid a Gray Fox prepayment — $ 8.3 million.

A year passed, but Gray Fox did not supply the plant’s equipment. The contract expired in late April 2019. Then, in June, the SBU opened criminal proceedings and in October 2019 detained several officials involved in concluding this contract. Now this case, with additional, corrupt articles, has been transferred to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

And in January 2020, a related American company — Gray Fox International — created two joint firms with the «Kolomoisky Group»: «Rokot-M» and «Target-M». These companies were reported by local and central media at the beginning of the year.

In both companies, Gray Fox is a minority founder, the majority are refineries from the oligarch’s group — JSC «Neftekhimik Prykarpattya» and JSC «NPK — Galicia», and the beneficiaries — Igor Kolomoisky, Gennady Bogolyubov and their partners.

As it was found out in Bihus.Info, the joint firm of the Kolomoisky group and Gray Fox wants to produce exactly those large-caliber shells that the state-owned Artem plant should already produce, but cannot do so because Gray Fox has not set the contract equipment.

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