Jennifer Aniston has long established herself as an actress who can perform any role in any genre film, but at the beginning of her career she could not imagine what she was capable of.

The sitcom Friends, in which Aniston played Rachel Green, brought her not only fame, but at the same time doubts, because then the actress wondered if she would be able to cope with a different type of character.

The opportunity to check this turned up pretty quickly — in 2002, Jennifer starred in the movie «Good Girl», and it was he who became a turning point in her career. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress admitted that for a long time she could not get rid of the image of Rachel, and the role in the dramatic film was a real salvation.

Aniston noted that before she played a girl from a backwater town trapped in a failed marriage, she literally questioned her life and for a time even believed those who claimed that she was not capable of deep, full of internal breakdowns. images.

«I just remember how panic swept over me. I thought maybe everyone else was telling the truth, and I was just that girl from a New York apartment with purple walls. I had to check if I could do something else besides this“, — the actress recalls.

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Now Jennifer is perceived more like a movie star, although she does not refuse roles in the TV show. The last of her works of this kind was the series «Morning Show», which airs on the streaming service Apple +. And although the actress remembers “Friends” with warmth, she is clearly glad that her role in “Good Girl” helped to reveal the other side of her talent.

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