KFC fast food chain will change its traditional slogan «Fingers lick» during the pandemic. The company has used it for 64 years.

According to the management, in the current circumstances, this expression contradicts the calls for personal hygiene. Therefore, the company has officially announced that it will stop using the slogan. This was reported on the official website of the KFC network.

«We are in a situation where the iconic slogan does not quite fit into the current reality,» — said in a statement the words of the chief marketer of KFC Catherine Tan-Gillespay.

In addition, the company treated the situation with irony and acknowledged that it is suitable for the winners of the competition for the most inappropriate slogan for 2020.

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«Our slogan is 64 years old this year. This is an outstanding age for the slogan (especially nowadays), and it lasted so long because «it’s true.» Therefore, we do not plan to abandon the brand’s motto and it will definitely return when the time comes, ”the KFC press service added.


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