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Israel has said it has nothing to do with the blast in the Lebanese capital

As Ukrinform reports, about it in Facebook wrote the acting Director of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Roksolana Stadnyk.

«In general, we have the following statistics:

30,366 ─ requests were processed during the entire period of validity of the Law in the Government Secretariat

554 ─ requests were received in July, 19 058 ─ requests were received by e-mail (the most common channel for receiving requests); 10 035 ─ by mail; 1,150 ─ by telephone; 123 ─ by fax; 21,278 ─ requests were received from individuals (the most active requesters); 3,273 ─ from associations of citizens without the status of a legal entity;

2,992 ─ legal entities; 2,823 ─ media representatives;

17,492 ─ answers were provided directly by the Secretariat of the CMU; 12,822 ─ requests were submitted for processing to the appropriate managers; 50.1% ─ of inquiries concerned reference and encyclopedic information, ”Stadnyk stressed.

According to her, most inquiries came from Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk regions.

Statistics are relentless, stubborn and straightforward and show that from year to year the number of requests only increases, the first ten thousand were «overcome» in about 4 years (May 2011 — July 2015), the next ten thousand — a little less than 3 years (July 2015 — March 2018), and the third ten thousand — a little more than 2 years «, — said in. at. Director of the Department.


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