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Investigation into the cases of Denys Komarnytsky, who is “watching” Kyiv, is blocked by law enforcement officers

Maksym Yevhenovych Yurenkov, 12, disappeared in Pokrovsk. On August 1, 2020, the boy left home on a black bicycle and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Signs: in appearance 13-15 years, height 150-160 cm, slender build, blond hair, round face.

Was dressed: dark shorts, dark t-shirt, blue autumn jacket.

The personnel of the Pokrovsky police department is focused on the search for the missing boy. Militiamen interrogate residents, establish witnesses. Photos with signs of the missing person were distributed at checkpoints, bus stations and railway stations, in places of mass gatherings.

If you have any information about the child’s whereabouts, please call 102 or (050) 020 98 46, (06239) 2-05-74, 2-00-07.

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