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Intelligence told about the losses of the occupiers in Donbass: 25 dead and equipment destroyed

Reports about it press service of the OOS headquarters.

«According to confirmed intelligence, the losses of the Russian occupation forces last week from July 6 to 12 amounted to: 25 people killed; 16 people were injured and injured, ”the statement reads.

In addition, 6 units of enemy equipment were destroyed by the Ukrainian military last week. Among them, two 122 mm 2C1 self-propelled artillery units and two 152 mm 2A65 Msta B artillery howitzers were destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers during the fire in response to enemy shelling. The Joint Forces also significantly damaged and disabled an armored vehicle manufactured by the Russian Federation «Tiger» and one army wheeled SUV.

It is noted that the intelligence constantly records the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements and informs about the use of civilians as «living rye» to fire on the positions of the Joint Forces.

«The occupiers are so insidious that they are hiding behind civilians and firing on our positions, placing their weapons near apartment buildings, knowing that Ukrainian defenders will never shoot at civilians.» — emphasize in a staff.

The press service also reported that for the third week in a row, the illegal authorities have been unsuccessfully conducting an advertising campaign to agitate the population of the occupied Donbass to serve in the ranks of illegal armed groups. In particular, the occupiers sent summonses to military registration and enlistment offices to conscripts, ostensibly to verify their credentials, but in fact forced them to enter into contracts with illegal and criminal armed groups.

Persons arriving at military enlistment offices are strongly advised to sign a contract for military service. As an incentive, they offer free 3 meals a day, material support, accommodation in a dormitory, paid leave of up to 30 calendar days, preferential registration of passports of the so-called «LDNR» and the Russian Federation, etc.

The press service also reported that the additional staffing of units and units of the occupiers continues at the expense of mercenaries from the Russian Federation.

In the units of the occupying forces of the Russian Federation there is a low moral and psychological state, suicides and desertion of personnel, alcohol and drug use do not stop.

«Last week alone, the occupiers recorded four deaths due to drug overdoses, one suicide attempt and several abandonment of weapons. Also in enemy units cases of detonation of personnel on own mines are constantly fixed », — reported in a staff.

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