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In Ukraine, there are 1318 cases of coronavirus per day

This was reported to Ukrinform by the Ukrainian Meteorological Center.

«On August 6, it will be partly cloudy with no precipitation. Wind northeast, 5-10 m / s. The temperature will be 13-18 ° at night, 28-33 ° in the daytime, up to 35 ° in the southern, eastern and Dnipropetrovsk regions, and 19-24 ° in the Carpathians, ”the statement reads.

In the next two days, August 7-8, weather forecasters also promise no precipitation, only in the Carpathian region in the afternoon on August 8 in places short-term rain, thunderstorm.

Temperature in the southern part of the country and in Dnipropetrovsk region is 17-22 ° at night, 31-36 ° in the daytime; in the rest of the territory at night 14-19 °, in the daytime 28-33 °, in the western and northern regions 25-30 °.

During August 9-10 in Ukraine mostly without precipitation, only in the western part short-term rains and thunderstorms are possible. Temperature at night 11-17 °, in the daytime 22-28 °; in the southern part at night 15-21 °, in the daytime 27-32 °.

Dry weather will remain in Kyiv and Kyiv region on August 6. Temperature at night in the capital is 16-18 °, in the daytime 30-32 °; in the region at night 13-18 °, in the daytime 28-33 °.

There will also be no precipitation in Kyiv on August 7-8. Wind northeast, 5-10 m / s. Temperature at night is 14-19 °, during the day 25-30 °.

Mostly without precipitation is expected in the capital on August 9-10. Temperature at night is 12-17 °, in the daytime 23-28 °.

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