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In the Poltava region the police detained the armed malefactors who tried to run away after a robbery on the house of the local

Two accomplices were detained while trying to escape from the crime scene. Trying to avoid detention, the men threatened a local police officer with a grenade, who arrived on call.

Reports of a robbery by unknown individuals in the village of Dmytrivka of the Horishnioplavnivska City Council was received by the police on the morning of July 14. The applicant reported three unknown persons who broke into the house of a resident of Horishni Plavny, born in 1964, and, threatening him with a knife and a grenade, demanded money from him.

A senior lieutenant of the police serving the area immediately arrived at the address. In the yard, the officer saw two men leaving the house. One of them took a knife and threatened the woman. At the request of a police officer to stop the illegal actions, the attacker took out a grenade and threatened to blow it up.

Employees of the patrol police response team came to the aid of the precinct, who also arrived on call. Police caught up with the «fugitives».

The defendants, born in 1994 and 1996, were detained under Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. A knife, a grenade (probably an F-1) and other items that may be evidence in criminal proceedings were seized from the scene.

Artem Rodygin, Deputy Chief of Police of Poltava Region, said:
«Investigative police have launched a pre-trial investigation under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: robbery combined with entry into a home (Part 3 of Article 187), and the threat of murder of a law enforcement officer in connection with the performance of official duties. 1 Article 345). Examinations are scheduled in criminal proceedings. The issue of notifying the defendants of the suspicions and choosing precautionary measures is being resolved. «

Police are establishing the circumstances of the robbery, as well as other persons who may be involved in the crime.

Poltava Region Police Communication Department

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