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In the Odesa region, the police exposed an official of the regional department of the State Labor Service for receiving illegal benefits

Fraudsters have already tried thousands of different fraudulent schemes on citizens, including «your relative in the police or hospital», buying goods and services online, probable cash winnings, taking a bank card PIN code with subsequent withdrawal of cash from the account, selling miracle drugs and others. Some citizens specifically hunt for gullible elderly people to appropriate their property.

In early August, the Podolsk Police Department received a statement from a 78-year-old man that he had been deceived by an unknown woman. As it turned out, the visitor used an old scheme of deception — she introduced herself to a pensioner as a social worker, who allegedly distributes financial aid to homes. The elderly man did not suspect intrigue and, at the woman’s request, gave her the remaining ten thousand hryvnias for the «material assistance» that she allegedly brought him, but never gave. The swindler with the money immediately left the victim’s apartment, assuring him that he would make purchases for his grandfather and return. Without waiting for the woman, the citizen called the police.

Information about the incident was entered into the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under Part 1 of Article 190 (fraud) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The person who committed this criminal offense is being identified.

Law enforcement officers warn retirees not to let strangers into their homes, whoever they may be — social workers, volunteers or housing and communal services employees. If strangers have already entered the house or apartment, check their documents, call relatives and inform about visitors. And if there is such an opportunity, take pictures of uninvited guests and their documents.

We also have a request to citizens whose elderly relatives live separately: do not forget not only to take an interest in their well-being, but also to remind them of the rules of communication with strangers. This is especially true during quarantine, when fraudsters use every opportunity to get rich.

Podolsk police department in Odessa region

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