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In the Kirovograd region the ex-director of society is suspected of illegal extraction of chernokit for the sum over 4 million UAH

President Volodymyr Zelensky is considering nine candidates for the post of the National Bank’s chairman.


According to the interlocutor of the publication, there are two groups of candidates: those who are likely to continue the former policy of the NBU and those who will satisfy Bankova’s request to change this policy.

There are five candidates in the first group.

Yuriy Gorodnichenko. Professor of Economics at the University of Berkeley (USA), the best young economist in the world according to the authoritative rating Repec Ideas.

Vladimir Lavrenchuk. The former chairman of Raiffeisen Bank Aval was considered one of the top candidates for the position of NBU chairman after the resignation of Valeria Gontareva in 2018. He did not receive any proposals to head the NBU, the banker himself said.

Dmitry Sologub. After Smoliy’s resignation, Zelensky invited the NBU board to a meeting to discuss the requirements for a new head. Top managers of the National Bank noted that the best choice would be one of them (Kateryna Rozhkova, Dmytro Sologub, Oleg Churiy, Serhiy Kholod, Roman Borysenko).

Zelensky considered Sologub (responsible for the monetary policy bloc). But in the future there were no contacts with the board regarding the new chairman.

Andriy Kyrylenko. Professor of Finance at Cambridge University. Like Gorodnichenko, he is a native of Ukraine who has succeeded in the West. It is unknown how the president’s communication with Kyrylenko ended.

Sergey Guriev. Guriev grew up in Kiev, studied in Moscow, one of the most famous Russian liberal economists. Guriev was forced to leave Russia in 2013 for fear of his freedom and security. He now lives and works in France, and until recently was the EBRD’s chief economist.

The second group of candidates who are ready to «narrow» the independence of the NBU and soften monetary policy include four contenders.

Kirill Shevchenko. The name of the current head of Ukrgasbank was the first to be called the probable successor of Smolya.

Serhiy Kruglyk. Former head of the international department at the NBU under Serhiy Arbuzov and Igor Sorkin.

Kruglyk left the NBU in 2015 after Valeria Gontareva’s team structurally reformed the National Bank (this was done by Vladislav Rashkovan, Ukraine’s current representative to the IMF).

Bogdan Danilishin. The current chairman of the NBU Council and former economist in one of Yulia Tymoshenko’s governments was one of the first long lists of the President’s Office.

Another candidate from the NBU Council is Olena Shcherbakova. Before the arrival of Gontareva’s team, Shcherbakova worked for a long time in top positions in the National Bank, was a member of the regulator’s board.

Zelensky told IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva that by July 17 will propose to parliament the candidacy of the new head of the NBU.

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