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In the Kherson region it is reported about suspicion of the woman in fraudulent seizure of means of citizens for more than 4 million UAH

Under the procedural guidance of the Beryslav local prosecutor’s office of the Kherson region, a person was suspected of fraud committed on a particularly large scale (Part 4 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

According to the investigation, the woman organized a criminal scheme aimed at seizing the money of individuals through fraud and abuse of trust. In particular, she offered the victims to invest in profitable trade transactions and return the money with interest in a short time. Subsequently, the suspect misappropriated the funds received. A total of eight people were affected by the fraud, and the amount of misappropriated funds is over UAH 4 million.

At this time, the question of applying a precautionary measure to the suspect is being resolved.

Note: in accordance with Art. 62 of the Constitution of Ukraine, a person is presumed innocent of committing a crime and may not be subjected to criminal punishment until his guilt is proved in a lawful manner and established by a court conviction.

Press service of the prosecutor’s office of the Kherson region


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