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In the desert under the hot sun: the group «Antibodies» released a new clip (Video)

Today, July 17, the Antitela group presented a vivid clip for their new song, Cinema. The premiere took place on the YouTube channel of the team.

The new video work of the group was created in the steampunk style. Especially for this clip, the guys from the collective gathered actors who devoted themselves to this style from all over Ukraine.

“Antibodies” is the first group in Ukraine that decided to embody the stylistics of the Steampunk genre in a music video on a grand scale. About a hundred costumes honed to the smallest detail, built from scratch, multi-toned circus scenery in the desert, the cardinal reincarnation of Taras Topoli, true magic tricks from Magic Five — it’s all in the new video.

The Ukrainian desert — Aleshkovsky Sands, which are located in the Kherson region, was chosen as the location for filming. Under the scorching sun, the film crew and the actors spent the whole day. But no one gave up, even those for whom this shoot became a debut.

«We gave all one hundred percent. It was a small feat of each participant.“- says the frontman of the group Taras Topol.

At first glance, an easy-to-plot work actually has a deep meaning. The video was based on the metaphorical history of mankind in the Steampunk style — a plot that has been repeated for millennia. The video work is full of metaphors, allegories and symbols that are always inherent in the work of the group.

“Mercy and hatred, betrayal and self-sacrifice, good and evil, capture and contempt — this video has it all. The main thing is to adjust the focus of your lens, « — notes Topol.

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The frontman of the group tried on the image of a magician who is very similar to the character of Johnny Depp in «Alice in Wonderland» — The Mad Hatter. Especially for the clip, the singer learned to juggle.

The song “Cinema” is the first track from the guys’s new album, which they presented after the album “Hello”.