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In the Czech Republic, unknown people burned the car of a man from Transcarpathia (video)

Odessa activist Serhiy Sternenko said that the investigation into the third attack on him in 2018, in which one of the attackers, Ivan Kuznetsov, was killed, had been stopped.

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«The formal reason for this was the search for hooliganism (yes, when they try to take your life to order, we have» hooliganism «) performed by Oleksandr Isaikul. The SBU allowed Isaikulu to flee Ukraine on March 17, 2019. « — Sternenko reported on his Facebook page, reports «».

According to him, in order to prevent this, in May he applied to the prosecutor Bozovulyak in order to allocate the materials in the case of Oleksandr Isaykul to a separate implementation and stop him so that the terms of the investigation do not expire. However, the prosecutor refused him.

«And the main proceedings had to be further investigated, because there is still no suspicion of the organizers Podobedov and Posuvail and the investigation is not even trying to find the customer and all other accomplices. However, the prosecutor unreasonably refused me, and the main proceedings were stopped. Theoretically, no investigative actions can be carried out for years now. In practice, this means that Iryna Venediktova, with the help of Avakov and in agreement with Zelensky, will avenge all those involved in the attempts to kill me. « — noted Sternenko.

Journalists asked the SBU to comment on Serhiy Sternenko’s statement that the investigation into the attack on him had been terminated.

We will remind that on May 24, 2018 Sergey Sternenko in Odessa was attacked by two men when he with the girl returned home. A skirmish broke out between the people, and Serhiy, fighting back, fatally wounded his opponent Ivan Kuznetsov in the abdomen, another participant in the attack, Oleksandr Isaykul, fled and later left the country.

By the way, the attack on Serhiy was already the third in a row (during the first attack the activist almost died). Although Sternenko claims that it was self-defense, on June 11, the SBU informed Serhiy Sternenko about the suspicion of premeditated murder in the attack on him.

On June 15, the Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv chose a measure of restraint for Serhiy Sternenko, the former head of Odessa’s Right Sector. He was sent under 24-hour house arrest until August 15.

On June 12, 2020, it became known that the Security Service of Ukraine declared wanted a resident of Odessa Oleksandr Isaikul, suspected of attacking activist Serhiy Sternenko. Earlier, Sternenko said that Isaikul fled to Moldova after the attack, then to Germany, and then moved to Russia. According to the activist, the SBU refused to declare him wanted.

It should be noted that the announcement of Sternenko’s suspicion began after Iryna Venediktova became the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Mass actions in defense of Sternenko swept through Ukraine on May 6.

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