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In Prykarpattia, security forces blocked illegal oil production

If Ukraine and Georgia become members of NATO, the United States will be able to confront Russia more effectively.

Ukraine NATO
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This assumption was made at the hearings of the US Congress on the actions of the Russian Federation aimed at American soldiers in Afghanistan, according to Voice of America on Saturday, July 11, reports «Word and Deed».

«We need to strongly support the transatlantic aspirations of Georgia and Ukraine. NATO enlargement has spread peace and security in Europe and strengthened the alliance’s military capabilities. Both Ukraine and Georgia need to have a clear path to NATO membership. « Jan Brzezinski, a senior analyst at the US Atlantic Council, told congressmen.

He also added that the ambiguity «only strengthens Putin’s appetite,» and called for increased economic pressure on Russia.

«Sanctions need to be strengthened and targeted at specific Russians, as well as comprehensive sanctions against Russia’s financial and energy sectors.» — Brzezinski emphasized.

Ukraine was reportedly a member of NATO’s Enhanced Capabilities Program on 12 June. The new status provides for enhanced cooperation between Allies and Partners who have made significant contributions to Allied-led operations and missions.

It will be recalled that US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchinson stated that Ukraine could become a member of NATO «at the right time.»

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