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In Odessa, the tanker «Delfi» refills the Black Sea (video)

The Administration of Seaports of Ukraine recorded another stain of fuel on the water surface.

Tanker Delphi
Photo: UE

Marine pollution occurred due to damage to the boom around the ship yesterday due to strong waves.

The surface of the water was treated with 100 liters of sorbent, and then fixed back the booms. Now, according to the administration, the problem has been localized, he said Locia.

Note that the first large-scale fuel spill occurred on June 21.

We will remind, the Odessa sea trade port extended term of rise of the tanker «Delfi» which sank near the beach «Dolphin» on November 22, 2019. The ship must be removed by July 20. Governor Maksym Kutsiy promised President Volodymyr Zelensky that they would be able to do it by now. However, a representative of the shipowner expressed concern that they may not have time. Earlier, the deadline was June 25, and the owner of the vessel promised to raise the «Delfi» in April.

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