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In Odessa hospitals purchased new oxygen concentrators and ventilators | Odessa news

The equipment was placed in four medical institutions of the city.

Newlife intensity-10 oxygen concentrators, as well as TwinStream high-frequency jet ventilation devices, arrived in Odessa hospitals. This was reported by the director of the Department of Health of the Odessa City Council Elena Yakimenko.

Concentrators were sent to the city infectious diseases hospital (50 units), as well as to clinical hospitals No. 1 (44 units) and No. 10 (4 units). They were purchased at the expense of the city budget.

“Hubs are very easy to use. A 10-liter flow provides the need for a patient with severe impairment of pulmonary function, there is the possibility of connecting to a ventilator, splitting the flow into two patients, ”said Yakimenko

TwinStream devices for high-frequency jet ventilation of the lungs were bought at city hospitals No. 10 and No. 11 at the expense of the deputy fund.

“Today it is the only device in the world that eliminates the risk of barotrauma. It can be used for all categories of patients — adults, children and even newborns, ”added Yakimenko.

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