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In Mariupol, police together with prosecutors and border guards found a warehouse of counterfeit cigarettes | StopCor

Law enforcement officers seized illegal tobacco products worth more than 400,000 hryvnias. People are currently being identified involved in illegal activities, and the supply channel of cigarettes.

The other day under the procedural guidance of the Mariupol local prosecutor’s office № 1 officers of the Central Police Department and the Donetsk Border Detachment exposed the illegal storage of counterfeit tobacco products, as well as prevented their further implementation in retail chains.

As part of the pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings on the grounds of a crime under Part 1 of Art. 199 (storage, purchase for use in the sale of goods, excise tax stamps) and Art. 227 (deliberate introduction into circulation on the market of Ukraine of dangerous products) of the Criminal code of Ukraine, in garage and the car of the local inhabitant of 1975 of a birth the authorized searches were carried out.

Police found and seized more than 20,000 packs of cigarettes of various brands with signs of forgery totaling more than 400,000 hryvnias.

Measures are being taken to establish a supply channel for counterfeit products and the enterprise where they were manufactured.

The pre-trial investigation is ongoing. The offender faces from 3 to 7 years in prison.

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