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In Kyiv, students have become hostages of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education: defend the right to become doctors StopCor

Give the opportunity to transfer to another educational institution and get a medical degree. In Kyiv, students at St. Luke’s International College came to the Ministry of Education with a request to give them the opportunity to enter higher education and continue their studies. The college deceived students because it did not have a license. Details of the action were announced by the human rights activist of the NGO «Stop Corruption» Maxim Tomilov.

Action under the Ministry of Education of students of the International College of St. Luke. Photo: StopCor.

«Students came to the Ministry of Education with a demand to give them the opportunity to enter the university this year. An aide to one of the deputy ministers said there was no minister. And the director of the department of higher education of the department Sharov at a meeting with students and parents said that they can not just transfer to another school, because the college does not have a license. Now students will be sent for re-certification, they will need to retake the exams and prove their gradesN.
Later, Minister Scarlett joined the protesters and invited representatives of the initiative group to talks. During the conversation, the Minister noted that he supports the students and advocates that the rector of St. Luke’s College and the new university agree among themselves. But this requires a response from the Ministry of Health. Because these are specialized educational institutions. The Ministry of Health should also recommend colleges where you can enter. ” — the human rights activist noted.

It should be noted that St. Luke’s International College left students without diplomas due to late submission of documents to the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education promises to resolve students’ issues and transfer them to other universities. Photo: StopCor.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education offered to change the situation — to change the place of obtaining certificates. But the translation process lingered.

More than 100 students studied at the college for three years. Concerned students’ parents told StopCor that the students could not receive their diplomas.

According to their own investigation, the college has a long-standing license.

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