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In Kharkiv, a journalist of a local TV channel became infected with COVID-19

in the Russian-occupied Crimea, they plan to start cutting off water, which will soon be supplied on schedule.

Photo: Reuters

This was reported by the portal «Wave» with reference to the material of the TV channel «Crimea 24».

The current year in Crimea turned out to be very hot and dry. If we add to this that in winter there was almost no snow, and spring was issued with minimal rainfall, the verdict of experts on one of the driest periods in the region over the past hundred years is no longer surprising.

The settlements of the Crimea receive water from bulk reservoirs, and since there is very little rain, the filling of reservoirs also leaves much to be desired. Simferopol and its environs faced the most serious problem. The Simferopol agglomeration is the most densely populated and consumes the most water. The planned filling of the Simferopol reservoir is 36 million cubic meters of water, now there are only 7 million.

The other two reservoirs, from which Simferopol and the Simferopol district receive water, are also poorly filled with water. Partizansky should have 34 million cubic meters, but there are less than 7 million. And in Ayansky in normal years 3.9 million «cubes» accumulate, but now there are less than two million.

«If nothing is done and it doesn’t rain, the water can run out very quickly. Already in 2018, we began work on the relocation of the most emergency networks in the city. Changed from 2 kilometers. Yes, the numbers are not thousands, but just in urban conditions, so that our viewers understand that changing 2 kilometers is a lot. ” — Volodymyr Bazhenov, General Director of the State Unitary Enterprise of RK Voda Krym, explained.

From August 24 in Simferopol, Simferopol and Bakhchisaray districts water will be supplied according to the schedule:

  • from August 24 hot water will be turned off and cold volumes will be reduced;
  • from August 31, almost the entire city will be on schedule;
  • from September 7, the filing schedule is reduced, where it was 4 hours a day — it will be 3 or 2, where it will be twice — will be changed once.

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