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In honor of the professor who died on Troitskaya, a cape was named in the «Tuzlov estates» | Odessa news

Boris Alexandrov studied the biodiversity of the National Park.

The cape in the south of the Odessa region was named after the deceased professor Boris Alexandrov. Ecologist Ivan Rusev announced this on Facebook.

“There are unique places in the national natural park“ Tuzlovsky estuaries ”near the estuary of Karachaus, Alibey and Shahany, under the local name“ Kamchatka Horn ”. This natural ecosystem is a regulated recreation area of ​​the national park and borders on a protected area. By the decision of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Tuzlovskie Limany Scientific and Production Enterprise, it is customary to name this cape — the Cape of Professor Alexandrov, «he wrote.

Aleksandrov was the director of the Institute of Marine Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and died in a fire in a building on Troitsko Streetth December 4th last year.

“Boris Georgievich Aleksandrov did a lot in science so that the generation of descendants would learn many secrets of the Black Sea and ways to solve its ecological problems. He also contributed to the study of biodiversity of the NPP «Tuzlovsky estuaries», suggesting, together with Academician Zaitsev, to actively seek settlements of shells «Angel Wings». And we managed to find it in the protected area of ​​the Alibey estuary, at the Cape of Professor Alexandrov, ”added Rusev.

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