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how to develop a love of table tennis — Ukrainian news

Three strokes per second — such results can be given by table tennis professionals. Their ball can rotate around its axis up to 50 times per second. The youngest participant in our competition is only 9 years old, but she is ready to break the world record at the first non-profit open table tennis tournament for children 2020 | Setka Cup Open Сadets & Minicadets.

August 29, in Kiev, in the SC «Gourmet» with the support of the partner «Morshinskaya JuniorZ» — the eight most promising teams of young tennis players under the age of 15 will compete for the title of best team, award and prizes in 2020 | Setka Cup Open Сadets & Minicadets.

To give everyone the opportunity, despite the quarantine, to support young athletes and watch competitions, the organizers will broadcast live on the Youtube channel Setka Cup Digest.

The tournament will be attended by mixed teams consisting of four athletes in two age categories:

  • 1 young man 2005-2007;
  • 1 girl 2005-2007;
  • 1 young man in 2008 and younger;
  • 1 girl in 2008 and younger.

List of participating teams participating in the tournament:

1. «LEADER», Kyiv, overall rating 95.5

2. «ORION-LEADER», Kyiv, overall rating 92.9

3. «ROCKET», Kyiv, overall rating 92.5

4. «NONSTOP», Kiev / — Grebinka, overall rating 86.3

5. West Juniors, Zhovkva, overall rating 84.8

6. «ERA», Nikopol-Khmelnitsky, overall rating 78.9

7. «Odessa region», Izmail / — Odessa, overall rating 50.3

8. «Smart ball», Lviv / — Vinnytsia, overall rating 41.9

«First of all, I am insanely glad that our non-profit tournament receives the status of a regular one and for the second time this summer we will enjoy, experience and support the athletes.

Secondly, it is nice that this time it is young athletes. This tournament will help to get the necessary playing practice, learn to play not only for yourself but also for your team. In fact, these are the main components that will help you win this competition. The practice of the first tournament has shown that this format gives the most unpredictable result.
Also, I am very happy to expand the geography of our tournament, which allowed players from all over the country to take part in it. «, — comments Denis Kalachevsky, the main organizer of the series of non-profit tournaments Setka Cup Open.

SetkaCupOpen 2020: results of the table tennis tournament

Setka Cup Open — a series of open non-profit tournaments Setka Cup. The first games of the series with the participation of adult professional athletes took place on June 27. Having met the warm support of the tennis community, it was decided to organize and hold a children’s tournament to promote table tennis in Ukraine and attract as many people as possible to sports and active lifestyles — 2020 | Mesh Cup Open Cadets & Minicadets.

The entire series of Setka Cup tournaments is held according to the Olympic system, as well as in compliance with all quarantine measures: screening the temperature at the entrance, the use of sanitizers and masks in the room, regular surface disinfection and cleaning, control of the number of people in the room.

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