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Hackers began a «hunt» for a vaccine against coronavirus — Ukrainian News

Hackers are trying to bypass the security systems of pharmaceutical companies and clinics.

«This is one of the most important formulas developed over the last 100 years: economists around the world are currently dependent on whether the vaccine can prevent further restrictive measures,» the German tabloid wrote. Picture. — That’s why some of the best hackers are entering a technological super fight today. Their goal is any information that may indicate a golden formula. «

According to Benjamin Reed, a cyber espionage expert at Mandiant Threat Intelligence, an information security company that is part of FireEye, hackers are trying to bypass the security systems of pharmaceutical companies and clinics.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, almost not a day has passed without them being attacked. The purpose of the hackers is to gain access to information about treatment and strategies to combat Covid-19, especially about the vaccine against the virus.

“Among our clients there are affected medical institutions, which we provide with protective software. So, we found that they received suspicious emails that were blocked by our filters. They contained spyware, Reed said. «Covid-19 is at the top of the list of hacker interests.»

It would be too risky to make money on information about the well-being of humanity on the black market. Therefore, according to experts, behind the attacks are not private hackers, and state espionage.

By the type of attack, Reed was able to identify the groups of hackers he had been watching for several years. According to him, especially deft attacks were carried out from Russia. Also in January, an increase in attacks from Vietnam was recorded.

According to the profile magazine IT Daily, the Vietnamese hacker group APT32 has been carrying out espionage attacks for four months, sending phishing messages to the government of the Chinese province of Wuhan. The coronavirus was first discovered there.

«We believe that the collection of information about Covid-19 has become a top priority for intelligence agencies around the world, and we assume that they will aggressively use cyber espionage against the public and private sectors,» said the American company FireEye.

Translation: InoPress

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