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Grupa JULINOZA presented a video clip in VR format — Ukrainian news

New Cultures:Ukrainian gourmet JULINOZA presented a clip for the song "Misto" in an atypical for Ukrainian artists VR format.

In the center of the plot — a walk with the clowns of small hands of Odessa, is imagined in sight while looking at 360 degrees. Technologies of virtual reality take the maximum zaurennyu into the atmosphere of the city.

The movie was directed by Mikhailo Krikalov. The key is hinged behind the auxiliary drone and the 360 ​​camera, including relevant tools for processing the spherical image.

“The skin of us has a special place — it’s only a little one’s home. I don’t have to be found in the physical space, but in the soul’s soul. To know it, you can know it all the same. so welcome the bull of Odessa, that the sign of the location knew the image in the screen", — the group leader Yuliya Zaporozhets rozpov_la.

Takoz є original video:

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Nagadaєmo Yungblud By letting go of the clip on Weird!, I’m sure that you have 100 dollars.