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Group Drezden i Sergiy Mykhalok presented an unswitched clip (Video)

New Cultures:Director klіpu stepping up Volodimir Nefedov.

The new project of the leader of the group "Lyapis 98" Sergiy Mіkhalok — Drezden — presenting a futuristic video for the letter "David deer".

In the video є parallelism and vigadan reality, the aliens and the malovanny characters, as well as the visuals before the Hollywood films of the 60s of the XXth century.

Zyomki passed two days in Los Angeles and outskirts.

"One of our editing directors, who took care of the video captions in video, commenting on the clause like this: the hero “cope with help” is sitting at home, the victorious is a special portal, and at the end of teleporting to the “new light”. After quarantine, you won’t be unlucky. Sprinting history is radically different for a month. Klіp known in sichnі, and today nihto navigate and not let it be, so as to be rooted", — Rozpov_ Nefyodov.

Garry Styles presenting a "clever" klip for a new script (Video)

For robots with robotic suits buv requests Robert Dіvayn, the author of suits in technology animatronika. Vin praciuvav on such projects as “Toy, sho to die”, “Guess everything”, “Robocop”, “Without revealing”, “Armageddon”, “Startrek”, “Mars attack”, “Terminator”, “Piece rosum” і ін.