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“Green Van”: a legendary author’s book published in Odessa | Odessa news

The two-volume includes works by Alexander Kozachinsky and biographical materials.

Alexander Kozachinsky was a good friend of Yevgeny Kataev (Petrov) — one of the authors of the famous “12 Chairs”.

Alexander Kozachinsky wrote his popular novel “The Green Van,” based on his own experience. He served in the police, played the goalkeeper for the Black Sea football team, and even stole the same van with grain, intended as a bribe to his superiors.

As the correspondent reports, pay tribute to the memory of the great author gathered at the Odessa Literary Museum, presenting a two-volume of his works with biographical details from the writer’s personal archive.

Mikhail Poyzner, the initiator of the two-volume publication, said this: “The publication came out cheerful and cheerful despite the fact that Kozachinsky was ill with tuberculosis when he was writing the book. And it was the 37-38 year, shot time, he risked when he ironically and in Odessa described what the Soviet government was doing. From his correspondence it can be seen that Kozachinsky was forced to write what he did not want. They wanted the book to become an ode to the criminal investigation of the Soviet government, but Kozachinsky wrote in his own way, despite the fact that at that time he needed a bowl of soup. ”

The author of one of the most striking literary works about Odessa at the beginning of the 20th century, “The Green Van,” Alexander Kozachinsky died of tuberculosis in January 1943 in Novosibirsk.

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