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From the seabed in the area of ​​the «dog» beach, divers got a giant metal pipe (photo)

Preparatory work lasted several days.

About two weeks ago, vacationers discovered a sharp metal object on the seabed near the «dog» beach. During the survey, divers found out that this is a pipe 3-3.5 meters long.

This is reported by the correspondent

According to Igor Ichansky, the head of the diving department of the Rescue-Diving Service KU of the Odessa City Council, during another storm, the layer of sand that covered the pipe eroded, as a result of which some vacationers were seriously injured.

For four days, a dangerous find was washed out of the sand using a special pump to pull it ashore. A funnel formed in that place, which soon will be buried. This afternoon the pipe was taken out and later sawn.

“Initially, we thought it was a channel. But it turned out that this is a pipe with a diameter of more than 50 cm most likely from the destroyed pier, which is nearby. Part of the pipe rotted and its edges became razor-sharp. People were badly injured, « — noted Igor Ichansky.

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