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The patrol police department won in court the first case of an administrative offense recorded automatically. The Desniansky District Court of Chernihiv considered an administrative lawsuit to cancel the decision in the case of an administrative offense.This was announced by First Deputy Chief of the Patrol Police Department Oleksiy Biloshitsky.

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs

It is noted that the plaintiff appealed to the court to declare illegal and cancel the decision to bring to administrative responsibility for speeding.

He was fined UAH 255 for the fact that on June 24, 2020, on Bratyslavska Street in Kyiv, a speed limit of 24 km / h was exceeded by a Mercedes-Benz.

The plaintiff stated that the decision was unfounded and illegal, because he was not driving this car, as he is a natural person-entrepreneur and within his business is engaged in regular passenger traffic on the route Chernihiv-Kyiv-Chernihiv. According to the travel letter, another driver was behind the wheel that day.

“However, the plaintiff did not take into account the fact that according to the Code of Administrative Offenses, the owner of the vehicle, and not the one who drove it, is liable for offenses recorded automatically as a general rule. The trial court concluded that since the plaintiff was the owner of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle which had not been taken out of the latter’s possession and had been voluntarily handed over to another driver, and the fact of exceeding the speed limit had been proved, the plaintiff should be denied offense», — it is emphasized in the message, transfers press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is also stated that it is possible to officially register a proper user of the vehicle, then fines for traffic violations, which were recorded by automatic locking cameras, can be immediately received by the driver who uses the car, and not the owner of the vehicle.

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