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Football: Balkans lose four players and are demoted | Odessa news

Zaryantsy are forced to take a step back.

Zaryanskiy football club «Balkans», who defended the honor of the Odessa region in the first league for the last few years, will spend the next season in the second league.

Despite the fact that Andrey Parkhomenko’s wards managed to keep their registration in the first league, the club’s management decided to voluntarily drop in the class.

As the president of «Balkan» told in an interview with the sports correspondent Radoslav Zlatov, the reason for this decision is financial difficulties.

— Everyone knows very well that we are going through difficult times, so I had to make this difficult decision, — admitted Radoslav Rodionovich. — We decided to keep the team, stay afloat, and this could only be done in this way. In the second league in a season we will play fewer games, accordingly, we will need to spend less money on this, we will have a minimum number of long journeys to other cities, in addition, we will be able to give more playing time to young footballers, pay attention to the club infrastructure, do a football field that does not match the level of the first league. We will work hard and try to return to the first league in the future. As you know, sometimes you have to take a step back and then take two steps forward.

In addition, Radoslav Zlatov told that the defender had already left the team in the current offseason. Alexander Ilnitsky, goalkeeper Bogdan Lobodrovand also two Brazilians — Dodo and Luis Fernando

We add that in the new season the Balkans will play in the second league in group B, where Real Pharma from Odessa also plays. The third most prestigious division of the national championship starts in September.

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