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Why did the GFS hire ex-policeman Vladimir Tkachenko

One of the deep problems of the current government — which is already talked about not only by domestic experts and politicians, but also by our country’s international partners — is personnel policy.

At the same time, if the new leadership of the country tries to keep its face and somehow explain the logic of its decisions when it comes to appointing top officials, then when selecting candidates for the «middle» level, sometimes there is a banal deriban and trade in «bread».

An illustrative example is the situation with the renewal of the management of the State Fiscal Service.

So in April of this year, against the background of the growing scandal over large-scale «twists» of VAT, due to which the state loses billions of hryvnia every month, the leadership of the GFS announced a reset of the leadership.

Vladimir Tkachenko, the head of the new Main Directorate of Operational and Investigative Activities of the State Fiscal Service, deserves special attention.

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«How long will it take and will the head of the district police become a specialist in solving tax crimes?» the authors of the article «Hybrid Service, or What is hidden under the sign of the GFS» are asked.

However, if you at least briefly analyze the «labor» biography of this venerable metropolitan law enforcement officer, it becomes obvious that he came to the GFS clearly not to protect the financial interests of the country.

Vladimir Tkachenko is a man well known to Kiev criminals. Moreover, in recent years he has managed to work as the head of the Podolsk, Sviatoshynsky and Darnytskyi district police departments.

But only Tkachenko did not catch bandits, he «covered» them. According to sources among law enforcement and criminal circles, in the Svyatoshinsky district under his «protection» there were drug dens, places of scrap metal collection.

But he had a special weakness and still feeds prostitutes. Tkachenko is a frequent visitor to underground brothels. In Podil, where he previously worked, he even has a special room where he leads the priestesses of love. They say he likes several at once.

During the years of «honest service» Vladimir Tkachenko gained a lot of property: in Kiev and in its immediate suburbs he has more than 10 hectares of land, has many non-residential premises in Kiev, as well as an apartment. Most of the property, according to the declarations, is registered to his wife Victoria Tkachenko.

carpenter Vadim

Of course, like other unscrupulous law enforcement officers and officials, Vladimir Tkachenko hides real data about his income and property. Until recently, the Tkachenko family did not even have their own car. And only in the declaration for 2019, which Vladimir Tkachenko submitted just a few days before his appointment to the State Fiscal Service, his wife owned a solid foreign car — a luxury SUV SUZUKI SX-4. In the cabin, the price of such a car starts from 480 thousand hryvnia. But there was a «benefactor» who, according to the declaration, agreed to «sell» Victoria Tkachenko such a car for only 50,000 UAH.

If you dig into the declaration and assess the real value of the declared land and real estate near Kiev, it becomes obvious that Vladimir Tkachenko is extremely clumsy and clumsy trying to hide data about his «earned by honest work.»

And the State Fiscal Service is another «feeding trough» for him, which he has been trying to get into for a long time — he saved money for a bribe, and that’s it! And now he will try in the shortest possible time not only to «recoup the investment», but also to earn from above.

There is not much time in it, the GFS must be finally disbanded by the end of this year — this is one of the conditions for further cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF.

And it is unlikely that Tkachenko with his reputation and «professional» qualities will be able to stay in the tax authorities after the next reshuffle.

So: «braid braid while dew.» For example, in April, former Finance Minister Igor Umansky, an adviser to the head of the President’s Office, announced large-scale tax evasion schemes. Then a large-scale investigation began, Umansky’s words were confirmed by both law enforcement and the Ministry of Finance. But nevertheless, the schemes continue to work. And according to the same Umansky, in May, the twists on value added tax (VAT) amounted to 1.9 billion hryvnia.

The question arises, what did the new head of the Main Directorate of Operational and Investigative Activities of the State Fiscal Service, Vladimir Tkachenko, do in April-May? He established contacts with schematists to help them «work» in the new realities.

However, Tkachenko’s uncontrollable desire to get rich can play a nasty joke on him — the tax, this is not the police, where everything was seized and «smeared».

Today, the situation with taxes and fees is under special control of the president — during the crisis, every penny counts — and the fight against schemers has actually reached the level of national security. In July, the SBU reported on the first results of the work.

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And it is quite possible that in the near future Vladimir Tkachenko will change the chair of the chief in GFS on a bench of defendants. Which, however, will be quite a logical and fair end to his career.

Author: Vasily Sobko

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