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«Fabulous» mackerel, cherry plum and figs: Sunday prices at the Odessa «Privoz» | Odessa news

The correspondent walked around the main market of Odessa and found out the current prices for vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and eggs.

So, a kilogram of cucumbers is given for 30-35 hryvnia.

A kilogram of tomatoes costs 16-35 hryvnia, while mikado and yellow ones cost 25-45 hryvnia. Cherry tomatoes — 80-100 hryvnia per kilo.

Corn is sold from 4 to 7 hryvnia apiece.

A beetle is given at 12 hryvnia per kilogram, and zucchini and potatoes — 10-15.

A kilo of asparagus is sold at 30-40 hryvnia per kilogram, and eggplants — at 20-25.

You can buy a celery stalk from 70 to 90 hryvnia, and a root from 40-60 hryvnia per kilo.

Sweet peppers start at 15 hryvnia per kilogram and end at 80-100 hryvnia per kilogram, and hot peppers can be taken at 3-5 hryvnia a piece.

The cost of garlic ranges from 50 to 90 hryvnia per kilogram. A kilo of ginger costs 120 hryvnia.

There are different types of cabbage on the market: white cabbage — 10-20, cauliflower — 60, Beijing — 30, and blue — 50 hryvnia per kilogram.

Carrots cost 10-15 hryvnia per kilogram.

A kilo of white onions can be taken for 8-10 hryvnia, and Crimean for 70.

A kilogram of strawberries costs 50-60 hryvnia.

For a kilo of blueberries you will have to pay 170-250 hryvnia. Raspberries cost 70-75 hryvnia per kilo, sea buckthorn — 60-70, and blackberries — 70-80.

Currants of all varieties are sold at 50-70 hryvnia per kilogram. Grapes are sold from 25 to 100 hryvnia per kilo.

Watermelons at Privoz pay 8-10 hryvnia per kilogram, and melons — 15-30 hryvnias.

Apricots are sold today at 25-55, and peaches at 30-45 per kilogram. A kilo of plums costs 25-40 hryvnia, cherry plum 15, and bananas — 10-20.

A kilogram of lemons can be purchased for 40-60 hryvnia, and figs for 140 hryvnia per kilogram.

Oranges are sold at 25 hryvnia per kilo, and limes — at 140-170 or 15 hryvnia a piece.

A kilogram of apples costs from 25 to 50 hryvnias, and pears 35-50.

Avocados are sold at 15-25 hryvnia per fruit.

One pineapple costs from 50 to 100 hryvnia.

In the meat building of «Privoz», the veal back part is sold for 150 hryvnia, the veal shoulder blade — 150 hryvnia, and the veal neck — 120 hryvnia.

A kilogram of a pork neck costs 140 hryvnia, the back of a pig — 120, and a pork shoulder — 110.

In the dairy building of «Privoz» the price of a dozen chicken eggs varies from 15 to 35 hryvnia. Twenty quail eggs can be taken for 25 hryvnia.

In the fish row they sell “fabulous” mackerel at 95 hryvnia per kilo, “super” herring at 35 hryvnias, and gobies pay 60 hryvnia per kilo.

Crustaceans are sold at 10, 15, 20-25 hryvnia per glass.

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