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Economy Development Minister took part in the discussion of the problems of land reclamation in the Odessa region | Odessa news

In Ukraine, it is necessary to revive the system of land reclamation of agricultural lands.

On July 17, in the Odessa Regional State Administration, a round table was held on the topic «Restoration of irrigation in conditions of risky agriculture» with the participation of the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Igor Petrashko. This is reported by the correspondent

The minister focused on the need to revive the system of agricultural land reclamation. To do this, it is necessary to develop a draft and action plan for the resumption of the irrigation process and the formation of water policy.

“At the moment, we in the ministry are working on a program of state support for agriculture for 2021-2023. And the issue of irrigation is paid special attention to personally by the President and the Cabinet. At today’s meeting, we exchanged views, discussed issues and proposals. We talked about how we can revive or restore the melioration system in the region. We will take into account all proposals and developments in the development of the state program, ”the minister said.

They also discussed the problem of drought and support mechanisms for agricultural producers. Among the possible instruments, such as tax incentives, cheaper loans, portfolio guarantees, the introduction of a new direction of state support — agricultural insurance were voiced.

The head of the regional council Sergei Parashchenko recalled that most of the farmers in the south of the region suffered from the drought. Losses amounted to 70% of the crops of all sown areas.

“Today we need help and support at the highest level. Agrarians of the region this year suffered losses of almost 6.6 billion hryvnia. They will not be able to pay off shares and pay taxes. We have repeatedly asked for support at the regional council session. I hope that today’s meeting will have a positive effect on the situation, ”said Parashchenko.

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