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Ecomarket, food hall, shopping area and offices: a new shopping, entertainment and business center is being built in Odessa | Odessa news

The project received a good response from potential investors.

In a new microdistrict on Heavenly Sotni Avenue, opposite the wholesale market, the construction of the Akvarel shopping, entertainment and business center has begun. The piles have already been driven in, the foundation pit has been dug.

Three years ago, there were no buildings on this section of «Field 10». Now, large developers are building residential buildings here. According to preliminary estimates, after the completion of construction, about 50-60 thousand people will live in new houses in the following age proportion:

from 18 to 24 — 13%;

from 25 to 34 — 38%;

from 35 to 44 — 25%;

from 45 to 64 — 21%.

Basically, these are families who decided to change secondary housing for housing in a new building or young people who purchased their first apartment. This fact, as well as the rather dense traffic in the direction of Sauvignon and Chernomorka, determined the ideal location of the shopping complex.

The authors of the idea set themselves the task of creating something new, which had not yet been in Odessa. Alexander Zlochevsky, co-founder of the Akvarel group of companies, is convinced that it is much easier to enter the market with a new unique product.

“We took one of the trends as a basis — the theme of“ environmental friendliness ”and combined it with the idea of ​​a new format market. We wanted to create a market with fresh products from manufacturers, convenient parking and a high level of service. This is how the idea of ​​an eco-market was born. Then this idea began to grow over with specific proposals: infrastructure, parking, other stores. We understood that the mall should have a bank branch, a pharmacy, and various stores. We wanted to create a new shopping center that would meet all the needs of the residents of the microdistrict. Thus, the concept has grown to the second floor with a shopping area and a food hall «, — said Zlochevsky.

Ecomarket, food hall, shopping area and offices: a new shopping, entertainment and business center is being built in Odessa

According to him, the concept received a good response from potential investors. There are more people who want to buy premises than the premises themselves.

“We realized that we were going in the right direction and started thinking about how to make our offer even better. As is usually the case, cool ideas are on the surface. Not so long ago we were looking for a new office for our team. We expanded considerably and we needed a large spacious room. It turned out that it is almost impossible to find a suitable office in the Kiev region. So the idea to build a new modern business center was born. Good luck again! Within a couple of weeks, we had investors who bought entire floors for offices, ” — noted Zlochevsky.

It was decided to expand further. Thus, the group of companies «Aquarelle» bought out the land next to the mall and began to develop a project for the construction of the second stage of the mall. For these purposes, the company has involved top Ukrainian specialists in this industry. According to Alexander Zlochevsky, in the future this will allow the introduction of leading world brands in the shopping and entertainment center and improve the business proposal. The final version of the two stages of the shopping and entertainment and business center will be presented in the company this fall.

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