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One of the directors of Formula 1 believes that Alonso is returning to Formula 1 because he wants to win the third title.

Formula One technical director Pat Simmonds is confident that Fernando Alonso will return to Renault with one goal — to fight for the third title.

«One of Alonso’s strengths is that he can adapt very quickly to any situation. Will the cunning old Fernando be the first to guess how to get the best out of a 2022 car? I think the answer will be yes. I think he will very quickly understand what is important and what is not. How to work with engineers on the settings of a new car, how the behavior of 18-inch tires differs from 13-inch — all things like that.

I was surprised to see that Fernando was already starting to lead the team and tell them to forget about the 2021 season and focus on 2022. I think Alonso adapts quite easily, and he will get the best from the next generation car.

It seems annoying to me that such a talented pilot has won only two championship titles. This is really very insulting, for Fernando Alonso it is even a tragedy.

So he definitely has an unfinished business in Formula One. Of course, we can talk about the «triple crown», the desire to win the «Indy-500». I know him well enough and understand that most of all he longs to become a world champion again.

Fernando is not a mercenary, he doesn’t come back because he’s bored, no. He is coming back because he wants to win, ”the official Formula 1 website quoted Simmonds as saying.


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