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Donetsk police chiefs took part in a working meeting with the EUMC delegation on further areas of cooperation

Donetsk police will involve international law enforcement experts. A regional office of the EU Advisory Mission will open in Mariupol soon.

Yesterday, July 14, a working meeting of the police leadership with the head of the EUMC Mission to Ukraine Antti Hartikainen took place in the regional police headquarters. During the event, the issue of opening the fourth EUMC regional office in Ukraine in Mariupol was discussed and its newly appointed head, Mr. Martin Kulishek, was introduced.

Since December 2019, the EU Advisory Mission has intensified its efforts to reform the civil security sector in the south-eastern region of Ukraine. Thus, with the support of an international partner, the Donetsk police is currently implementing innovative projects in various areas of law enforcement.

«We are here to help you. Our goal is to support Ukraine in developing an efficient and transparent civil security sector that enjoys the trust of citizens, said the head of the EU Advisory Mission, Antti Hartikainen. «The staff of the Mariupol office of the EUMC has already planned a number of events for our partners in the region: trainings and seminars on capacity building, strategic communications, police dialogue, prevention of domestic violence, implementation of European best practices in public order, criminal investigations and criminal investigations.»

As part of ensuring security and law and order in the region, improving the level of police service has become especially important. The implementation of new projects requires the introduction of the best European experience in the police, which the law enforcement body of Donetsk region receives through fruitful cooperation with a foreign partner. From now on, timely competent assistance from the local EUMC office, which will soon be operational in Mariupol, is expected.

«The mission will include specialists not only with the police, but also with other experience in the field of the rule of law. Therefore, if necessary, the police of Donetsk region will be assisted by the necessary experts with a narrow specialization from among our colleagues from the Central Office of the EUMC, «said Mr. Kulishek.

The chief of police of area Nikolay Semenishin assessed the prospects for further cooperation. «The strong international experience of your team will be useful for the Donetsk police, we will continue to cooperate with the EUMC, as a result of fruitful cooperation we are able to effectively control the operational situation and reduce crime in the region. » — the general of police noted.

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