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Doctors in Odessa sound the alarm: an epidemic of an infectious disease is possible

Adult residents of Odessa are encouraged to protect themselves and get vaccinated

In Odessa, as well as throughout Ukraine, a week ago an epidemic of SARS and influenza began. Throughout the last week, information has also been received on the registration of cases of diphtheria. Over the week, the situation in the country worsened. For this reason, a press conference was held in Odessa.

At the press center, Olga Balanovskaya, chief specialist of the department of state supervision of compliance with the sanitary legislation of the Office of the State Food and Beverage Service in Odessa, reminded the townspeople of what diphtheria is.

This is an infectious disease, which is pure anthroponosis. It is transmitted from person to person and the source of the disease is exclusively a sick person or carrier of infection.

The incubation period of diphtheria is from 3 to 10 days and is transmitted by airborne droplets. Its danger is that the body produces a toxin, which is one of the most dangerous and powerful. It is produced by infectious agents.

In Odessa, doctors are urging citizens to vaccinate against a deadly disease such as diphtheria. This is the only way to deal with a complex disease. Olga Balanovskaya emphasized that the department last year, when the Ministry of Health's forecasts about a possible diphtheria epidemic were just received, sent letters to the heads of markets, supermarkets, enterprises, departments, employees of which are in contact with a large number of people, asking them to vaccinate. Oddly enough, in response to the refusals and medical taps. Doctors explained that a true contraindication to the vaccine is a temperature above 38.5 degrees, or if there was a serious allergic reaction to previous injections, or if there is an officially confirmed allergic reaction to one of the components of the vaccine. This is usually egg white.

According to Svetlana Lavryukova, director of the city clinical infectious diseases hospital, diphtheria bacillus is very stable in the external environment. It secretes exotoxin, due to which the patient manifests all the symptoms of the disease.

Signs of diphtheria: plaque in the throat, body temperature rises. To establish a diagnosis, a bacteriological analysis is performed.

The head of the infectious diseases hospital recalls that patients who are allegedly suffering from tonsillitis are sent for treatment to an infectious diseases hospital where they collect tests for bacteriological culture. The result is ready in 48 hours.

Diphtheria is dangerous complications. For example, diphtheria myocarditis may develop. It develops a few days after the patient enters the hospital. It is very difficult and can be fatal. Another serious complication is damage to the peripheral nervous system: peripheral paralysis and paresis. Also, the toxin hits the kidneys.

Diphtheria is treated with diphtheria serum, which acts on diphtheria toxin. It should be introduced as early as possible. Currently, the infectious diseases hospital has 8 doses of antitoxin (manufactured in India).

Doctors remind that adults need to be revaccinated every 10 years since the last vaccination.

In Ukraine, as of October 28, 20 outbreaks of this disease were recorded. Eight people got sick in October.

Odessans are urged to get vaccinations against diphtheria and tetanus in the vaccination room of the Center for Primary Health Care, where an agreement is made with a family doctor. These vaccinations are free. Received vaccines ADS-M from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Not a single side effect after vaccination with this vaccine was recorded.

As for the child population in Odessa, as noted by Anna Luneva, head of the maternal and child health department of the city health department, 60% of children are protected from diphtheria by vaccination, the rest, whose parents refused the vaccine, are not protected. Adult vaccination statistics — 54%. When faced with this formidable disease, many will not be able to resist infection.

Tatyana Chernenko, director of the Center for Primary Health Care No. 4, emphasized the following: “Everyone who is not vaccinated can potentially get sick. Even today, having outbreaks, even a few in different regions of Ukraine, is already a bad call that it could happen in case of refusals from vaccination, escalate into an epidemic where mortality is much higher than from flu, measles and other diseases. "

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