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DBR investigators are trained according to the program of the Academy of Financial Monitoring

According to Ukrinform, this is evidenced by the data of stock trading on the site

The price of October futures for Brent on the London Stock Exchange ICE Futures on the morning of August 18 is $ 45.27. Per barrel, which is 0.22% lower than the closing price of the previous session. Following the results of the auctions on August 17, these contracts rose by 0.57 dollars. Per barrel (1.3%).

Futures on WTI for September in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) by the morning of August 18 fell in price by 0.35% to 42.74 dollars. per barrel. As a result of preliminary bidding, the value of these contracts increased by $ 0.88. per barrel (by 2.1%).

One of the factors that contributed to the decline in oil prices was that the US Department of Commerce announced on August 17 new measures to restrict access to the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Technologies Co. to the key components for its work.

Meanwhile, traders who are monitoring the dynamics of the US stock market are becoming more optimistic about economic recovery: it may happen faster than expected.

This week, traders are also expecting a meeting of the OPEC + Ministerial Monitoring Committee, scheduled for August 19. The level of implementation of the agreement by OPEC countries in July was 95%, non-OPEC countries — 96%. Thus, OPEC countries have reduced production less than they should have been under the terms of the agreement, by 300 thousand barrels per day, and non-cartel countries — by 140 thousand barrels per day. According to previously reached agreements, countries that did not comply with the agreement during May-July should compensate in August-September.

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