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Daughter Jennifer Lopez to let loose the book: "So I write"

New Cultures:Popular American spanish girl Jennifer Lopez is written by her 12th sister daughter Emmoy.

Daughter Jennifer Lopez, 12th birthday, give a book to Vlasna. About tse spіvachka wrote in his Instagram, published the photo of the view.

The book is over sales in the spring of 29, 2020, rock and winter English and Spanish movi.

"So I write with my little coconut Emmim tim, as if to extend my generous prayers in my debut book "Lord, help me!". Qia book can help with the bug & # 039; I know know peace and power"wrote Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez Ії vernaculars skazuvali weight_ll

Як розповіла Еммі to the magazine People, on writing a book її have pinned down the lines. If she’d been recognized at school, I’ll shake the vimiran, she won’t have a leathery day of praying for the creature before going to bed. So, won’s Virishila write a book, as if you could help a penny for the little one, and at the same time help people to know the prayer box.