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Cyberpolice has stopped fraudulent activities of the next «financial exchange» StopCor

In Lviv, a 28-year-old foreigner organized a financial exchange that deceived its investors. Fraudsters offered to invest in financial transactions. However, the participants not only did not make a profit, but also did not return the investment.

Cyberpolice officers together with Lviv Region police investigators, under the procedural guidance of the local prosecutor’s office, stopped the illegal activities of the financial exchange, which illegally seized depositors’ money.

Cyberpolice has established that the financial exchange was organized by a foreign citizen temporarily residing in Ukraine. To attract new investors, the man set up a call center, whose employees were fluent in Polish, English and Italian. This allowed the attackers to attract to the financial exchange not only Ukrainians but also citizens of European countries.

Police found that the attackers offered people to invest in financial transactions that should bring high profits. The amount of investment ranged from 300 to 5 thousand euros. As a rule, only the first financial transactions were profitable. After investing large sums of money, depositors were not returned.

At the location of the call center, law enforcement officers conducted a search. Computer equipment, memory cards, hard disks, and accounting documents were seized as material evidence. The full range of victims and the final amount of damages are currently being established.

On this fact criminal proceedings under p. 3 of Art. 190 (Fraud) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The sanction of the article provides for imprisonment for up to eight years. The investigation is ongoing.

Cyberpolice Department of the National Police of Ukraine

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