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COVID-19: a vessel with a sick crew stands on the roads of the Yuzhny port | Odessa news

The diagnosis was confirmed in 10 out of 14 sailors.

The crew of the cargo ship «Sofia», which was going from the USA to the port of Nikolaev, was put into quarantine parking in the waters of the port «Yuzhny».

This is reported by the correspondent

According to Nikolai Golubyatnikov, the chief state sanitary officer on the water transport of Ukraine, at the entrance to the waters of Ukraine, the captain of Sofia informed the sanitary-quarantine department of the Nikolaev port that there were patients on board. A team of epidemiologists climbed onto the vessel and took tests from all crew members. 10 out of 14 sailors confirmed the coronavirus, and 4, according to preliminary tests, the result is negative, but the diagnosis requires clarification.

The vessel was banned from further movement, and its owner was ordered to find a replacement crew.

“After the shipowner finds a replacement crew, we will take out the previous crew, all 14 people, for observation and treatment, and we will carry out the final disinfection on the ship. After that, we will be able to admit a new crew to Sofia. They must have certificates on the absence of coronavirus infection, ”said Golubyatnikov

While the shipowner is looking for a replacement for the crew, the Ministry of Health laboratory sent an order to the Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine, to the ports, as well as to the heads of the services that service the ships with a request to find a quarantine berth in order to simplify the access to patients for physicians.

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