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Counterfeit alcohol was found in Transcarpathia

In early May A 27-year-old citizen, seeing near the store, as an elderly woman puts a purse in a shopping bag, followed her to a deserted place and snatched the package from her hands.

According to the application of the victim in the territorial police department, proceedings were instituted under Part 1 of Article 186 (robbery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. During the search, the police identified the offender, who turned out to be a local resident who was not working anywhere. Upon completion of the pre-trial investigation, the indictment and materials of the criminal proceedings were sent to court.

The court, recognizing the commission of an offense against an elderly person as an aggravating circumstance for the defendant, sentenced her to two years of imprisonment with a probation period of one year and imposed duties — to periodically report to the probation authorities and notify the authority of the change of residence.

Podolsk police department in Odessa region


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