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Comedy Serial "Papik": Divide online 15, 16 serії (Video)

New Cultures:Four nights, 12 babies went financial 15 and 16 of the first season of the popular series "father".

I’m glad to hear from you the first and last serialu “daddy”, as they went to the “1 + 1” TV channel in front of them, 12 babies.

Comedy Serial "Papik" at the Danish moment, I’ll increasingly grab the heart of the Ukrainian television telegrams. So yak, save the pensioner Oleksandr Mikolajovic, and also the youth of Lizi’s little hut couldn’t get rid of the bogeyman.

Scho bulo in 15-16 serіyah — season 1 finals

Papik — divide online 15 serіyu

Papik — divide online 16 serіyu

Comedy serіal "papіk": divide online 13, 14 serії (Video)

Lіsa successfully pass through hearing about the competition. Raptovo will be content with the gospodar mansion of the mansion, in whom live with Lіzoyu. Oleksandr Mikolajovic, having bothered, wasting a night in the car. Oligarch sue z dіdom, through scho that checkє virok.

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