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Cabinet simplifies Ukrainians travel to Albania and Egypt

Also from today, our compatriots can enter the territory of Bulgaria.

Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Krikli emphasized that the government at its meeting yesterday made a decision that allows Ukrainian citizens not to undergo a two-week observation or to do a coronavirus test after returning from Egypt and Albania.

The minister announced this in his Telegram channel.

“Good news for those planning a vacation in Egypt or Albania. The government has changed the criteria for countries that belong to the “red zone”. Now, after returning from Egypt or Albania, there is no need to undergo a 14-day observation or self-isolation, or to do testing for Covid-19, « — wrote Crickley.

In addition, starting today, Ukrainians are allowed to enter the territory of Bulgaria without undergoing a two-week quarantine and coronavirus test.

Earlier we wrote that Ukraine is still located in the red zone due to the high incidence of Covid-19.

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