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Bryce Dallas Howard showed huge bruises from the filming of part 3 of «Jurassic World»

American actress Bryce Dallas Howard posted shocking photos on her Twitter account that showed huge bruises from the filming of Jurassic World 3.

The star of the popular Jurassic World film series spares no effort to make her work as perfect as possible.

So, the other day on the social network, 39-year-old Bryce Dallas Howard showed a series of pictures in which she demonstrated her hands covered with large bruises after performing difficult tricks on the set.

«Raise your hands if you want to repeat these tricks again“, — Bryce signed the pictures with humor.

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As previously reported, after a prolonged downtime in the filming of the American sci-fi film Jurassic World due to the coronavirus pandemic around the world, the cast team began to rebuild their work again and continues to work on the project… It is noted that $ 5 million will be spent on security measures from COVID-19.

The plot of the film has not yet been revealed, but it is already known that the events of the film will take place after the finale of the second part, when the main characters released the dinosaurs into the open world.