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Brazilian defender Marcao will soon join Dynamo — Ukrainian News

The match for the Super Cup of Ukraine is the first confrontation between Dynamo and Shakhtar in the new season.

The Ukrainian Premier League will make the smoothest transition from the previous season to the next. The 29th UPL championship ended on July 19, and the thirtieth anniversary started on August 21. The most difficult thing for beginners now. «Minai», «Ingulets» and «Rukh» finished their performances in the First League 9 days before their debut in the UPL. Time for preparation and selection work is minimal.

The main contender for victory in the new championship is Shakhtar Donetsk, whose partner is Parimatch. The fact that the Pitmen will win the fifth championship in a row, the coefficient is 1.50. The second in the quotes is, of course, «Dynamo» — 2.48.

It is still difficult to predict how closely the Ukrainian grandees will go the tournament distance. Regardless, it will be very hot, because Dynamo is now coached by Mircea Lucescu, one of the architects of Shakhtar, which is well known all over the football world. The first meeting of the former and current team Lucescu will not have to wait long — on August 25 the game for the Super Cup of Ukraine will take place. All schedules of this match are from Parimatch analysts.

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Dynamo — Shakhtar

Prediction: Shakhtar’s victory in one ball. The coefficient is 3.75

Theoretically, Shakhtar should be better prepared functionally. After all, there is no doubt that the team was brought to the best condition just for the Europa League. And although the final did not work out, this base should theoretically stay with the «miners».

As for Dynamo, the main stage at the beginning of the season for the team will be in mid-September — then the qualification for the Champions League will begin. We believe that the best physical shape of Dynamo should be expected during that period. Therefore, we predict that Shakhtar will win a tough match, namely one goal.

Dynamo — Shakhtar

Prediction: both will score — yes. Odds: 1.68

All control matches of «Dynamo» under the leadership of the new coach took place behind closed doors. There were not even video broadcasts, information — some crumbs. But the people of Kiev have already played a UPL match, in which they confidently beat «Olympic» 4: 1. Lucescu did not focus on defense. After all, the Romanian coach at Shakhtar (and before that) became famous for building a bright attack. Therefore, we predict that Dynamo will score at least once, especially since Shakhtar’s defense is far from ideal.

Well, there is almost no doubt that the miners themselves will be noted. The attacking stars are fine and seek to rehabilitate for a weak game against Inter.

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Dynamo — Shakhtar

Forecast: exact score 1: 2. Odds: 8.60

In the end we will try to predict the exact account. The sports excitement of the players in this match will be huge. Factor Lucescu, the factor of Shakhtar’s defeat by Inter 0: 5, the factor of last season’s failure of Dynamo, the factor of trophy and at the same time half of the friendly status of this match. All this should set the teams up for open play. After all, the last «Classic» were rich in goals. Therefore, we predict Shakhtar’s 2: 1 victory.

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