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Boxer Travel Mazion died in a terrible accident

American boxer Travel Mazion died in a terrible accident. This was reported by TMZ.

Undefeated boxer from the United States Travel Mazion (17.13 KO — 0) died in a car accident.

The boxer, while driving the car, did not leave the oncoming lane, where he caught one car, and then drove into another car. According to the Texas Department, Mazion died on the spot, and the driver of another vehicle died at the hospital.

Travel Maison is a professional middleweight boxer. During his career, he fought 17 battles, all of which ended in his triumph, with 13 times Black Magic (nickname of the fighter — ed.) Won ahead of schedule. In his last match, which took place on January 11, 2020, Mazion defeated the experienced Mexican Fernando Castaneda in a fight for the NABF title in less than a minute.

The boxing world mourns the loss of a promising fighter:

Boxer Virgil Ortiz Jr. wrote that he mourns the talented Mazion, who was very exciting to watch in the ring.

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya does not believe in what happened:

It was previously reported that in The evening of professional boxing of the promotional company Top Rank took place in Las Vegas.

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