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«Between Us»: Ukrainians will be shown a dramatic story of two women (Video)

Ukrainian actress Irma Vitovskaya got a role in the psychological film «Between Us».

In the Kiev region, the shooting of a psychological thriller has begun, which will be released under the title «Between Us». One of the main roles was given to the talented Irma Vitovskaya, who appeared in the first frames of the film.

The film «Between Us» tells the story of two women who help each other to solve life and emotional difficulties. Sasha has misunderstandings with her beloved man, but Anya — with an adult son. However, the plot of the film could be quite simple and predictable if the main characters did not have problems with crime.

Watch the trailer for the movie «Between Us»: video

The director Solomiya Tomashchuk undertook to film the psychological thriller. It is she who will show the main characters through the prism of tangled circumstances.

“In the thriller, the story is told, relatively speaking, from the center of the crime, from the perspective of a victim or a criminal. In a good thriller, until the last frames, we will not understand who is the victim and who is the criminal. The constant emotional swing of empathy will keep us close to the screen and help relieve the stress of our own internal conflicts. «, — said the filmmakers, hinting at the dynamism of the plot.

The drama brought together all the actors: the release date of «The Devil Forever» was announced

The premiere of the Ukrainian thriller Between Us is scheduled for 2021. Now the first footage from the filming has appeared on the network, some of which were distinguished by their piquancy.