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At the request of the Kyiv Region Prosecutor’s Office, land worth UAH 3 million was returned to the state StopCor

The Zhuriv Department of the Boryspil Local Prosecutor’s Office of the Kyiv Region restored the violated rights of the state to a land plot located within the administrative boundaries of the Bezugliv Village Council of the Zhuriv District with an area of ​​2 hectares worth over UAH 3 million.

It is established that the decision of the village council, contrary to the requirements of the Land Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine «On Land Management», the citizen was given private land for personal farming, which is outside the settlement and belongs to state lands, in connection with which it is managed by the Main Department of the State Geocadastre in Kyiv region. In addition, the transfer of land to private ownership took place without the competent public authority deciding to approve the land management project and provide it with ownership.

The court satisfied the claim of the local prosecutor’s office in the interests of the state to invalidate and cancel the decision of the village council, cancel the decision on state registration of ownership of real estate, demand it from someone else’s illegal possession.

The press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv region

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