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At a meeting with the President discussed the increase in pensions in 2021

Reports about it press service of heads of state.

«We are currently preparing new programs to increase pensions, which will be implemented in 2021,» said Lazebna.

She also informed about the implementation of the President’s initiative to increase pensions for people over 80 and pay UAH 1,000 to citizens whose pension is less than UAH 5,000.

According to the Minister of Social Policy, the average pension in Ukraine today is 3,400 hryvnias, which is 13% more than last year.

Lazebna said that UAH 2.5 billion had been allocated from the Coronavirus Fund for the needs of the Social Insurance Fund. Almost 5,000 people have already received insurance benefits, including 1,100 health workers who are in self-isolation, as well as three families of health workers who died in the fight against COVID-19.

«An effective state is, first of all, a strict executive discipline. It’s not just «talked and forgotten.» This is exclusively and only about the real fulfillment of instructions, «Zelensky stressed.

As Ukrinform reported, on March 16, in a video address, the President announced a surcharge of one thousand hryvnias for pensioners whose pension is less than 5,000 hryvnias.

In addition, on April 1, the government adopted a resolution to increase pension benefits and provide social support to certain categories of the population in 2020. In particular, it was envisaged to establish a monthly payment of up to UAH 500 for pensioners over the age of 80 whose pension does not exceed UAH 9,205.

Photo: Office of the President

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