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Appropriation of more than UAH 2 million for the sale of land — the prosecutor’s office reported the suspicion of the former head of one of the enterprises of Kyiv region

The head of the State Inspectorate for Urban Development (SMI) Yuriy Vasylchenko held a very fast competition for the appointment of heads of regional divisions of the institution. He chose the shortest selection period — 3 days, and then actually reduced it by another day, announcing the start of selection late in the evening.

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By data According to the media, this was done by Vasylchenko under the close supervision and control of Andriy Klochko, the head of the Verkhovna Rada’s profile committee, and Oleksandr Serhiyenko, the former head of the DABI’s permitting department, to promote «his» people in leadership positions.

Vasylchenko himself actually got caught in the «gray» competition thanks to his post on Facebook.

“116 applications for 8 positions. Results of acceptance of documents for positions of heads of territorial bodies of DIM ”, — Vasilchenko wrote, but at once admitted that manipulates information, because in fact 81 citizens took part in the competition.

Vasylchenko took the opportunity to hold an opaque and incomplete competition. He launched the procedure for appointment to management positions during the quarantine period, but with the possibility of conducting a competitive selection for a period of three to seven days, he chose the shortest period of three days. Everyone who has dealt with this portal knows that it is during these first three days that the number of “technical failures” “accidentally” increases, and it is almost impossible to submit documents to the HOME in person.

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Then the head of DIM Vasylchenko announces the start of applications after the end of the working day, at 20:30, which narrows the possibility of «not their own» to learn about the start of selection and takes them almost the whole day of the competition.

And now — the main thing: the file with the terms of the competition was made two (!) Months before its publication on the site, so that «their» could get acquainted with the requirements long before the competition.

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“It would be interesting to see how the election of extra-short terms for the selection of leaders to new bodies was justified. Apparently, the need to fulfill obligations and faster access to the bank box, where the fee for positions from the required candidates has already been deposited, ” — wrote the author of the article.

It should be added that regional leaders will be able to be in office not only until the end of quarantine, but also for 4 months after.

This is not the first time that a team of so-called reformers, represented by Klochko and Sergienko, has used quarantine for corruption. A good example would be the situation with building permits during quarantine, because now all applications can be considered indefinitely, because during quarantine the control over the terms of receiving and providing administrative services was suspended, and so on. In simple terms, those developers who liked the price for obtaining permits, receive them almost immediately, and everyone else has to wait months for these decisions.

«Now it works like this: whoever got the» prices «- he got permission, who did not — waits for months for a decision. Moreover, the developer cannot even get a refusal to eliminate the violation and re-apply, and this only increases the price of the issue. « — Serhiy Shevchenko, the head of the DABI legal department, notes in his blog.

Illustration: Anticorrosive

It is known that today the urban planning industry is under the control of the group of influence of the head of the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Klochko, where Oleksandr Serhiyenko plays the main role as a developer of ideology and normative support of state construction control. Bohdan Fedorenko and Yuriy Vasylchenko ”, — the author of the article is sure.

In his opinion, the relic corrupt Serhiy Kucher, the former head of the capital’s DABI, provided Serhiyenko with reliable personnel to work in key positions in the new bodies and the network of his own back offices.

StopCor reminds us that we already are wrote about how people Klochka and Serhiyenko in the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate continue to implement schemes to collect bribes from developers and sabotage the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to liquidate DABI.

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